Special Thanks from our President & Board Chair

While the first half of fiscal year 2020 was normal, the second half  was anything but. Yet, God’s faithfulness was ever present as we strove to glorify Him by caring for children and families. In the fall of 2019, before the pandemic began, our ministry was blessed to open our Mountain Home Thrift Store: Cheryl’s Place, Thirteen Pennies Café, and AutoWorks. Because of the many volunteers, donors, and construction partners who helped bring this dream to fruition, the store and café are providing jobs and training for our youth, as well as revenue for our ministry.

In the spring of 2020, God’s goodness was shown daily by the response of our staff, donors, and ministry partners to the pandemic. Our staff resiliently adapted to our kids being on campus full time and remote learning, all while adhering stringently to the CDC cleaning, social distancing, and other protocols. They are our heroes. In addition to receiving funds through the Payroll Protection Program, we were blessed by the generosity of the donors and ministry partners who stepped forward to help off-set the revenue we lost due to the cancellation of events and temporary closing of our store and café. We are grateful to have ended the year in the black and continue to have no debt.

We are deeply grateful to the many people who have walked alongside us during this unusual year, including:
A. Donors who made extraordinary gifts to help us weather the pandemic.
B. Donors who gave generously in response to our newsletters and mailings.
C. Sponsors who donated despite events being canceled.
D. Recurring gift donors who made faithful weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly donations.
E. Donors who gave masks, baby items, and often hard-to-get paper and cleaning products.
F. Talented volunteers who have donated their time.
G. Prayer partners, alumni, and friends who have checked in on us and given us moral support and encouragement.

Although fiscal year 2020 was challenging, it was also a testimony of God’s love. His goodness remains steadfast amidst all life’s challenges, including the pandemic. Please join us in thanking Him for the many ways He continues to bless the children at Black Mountain Home.

Tom Campbell, President
Virginia Bradford, Board Chair

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