• WELCOME TO BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME – Begun in 1904 as Mountain Orphanage, the Home began its ministry taking in children whose parents had died or disappeared. Today, we serve youth from birth through college graduation and beyond through family foster care, residential care, transitional living, and independent living.


The Veterans Memorial Terrace is located behind the dining hall at West Campus and features rock work built by German prisoners of war during World War II. More than 100 prisoners lived in barracks there around the time the war ended. While waiting to return home, they worked on the grounds and at a nearby hospital. Staff and the board of the children’s home felt it was important to honor and preserve this piece of the property’s history.

“We want to make the youth we serve aware of what America’s fighting men and women have done to preserve their freedoms,” said BMH President Tom Campbell. “The Veterans Memorial Terrace seemed like an excellent way to do that while also preserving a really special feature of West Campus.”

For a donation of $100, the public is welcome to have pavers engraved in honor of a veteran. Funds raised through the sale of pavers go to support older youth served by the ministry.


“The Veterans Memorial Terrace allows us to honor the history of the camp, to recognize the contributions of our men and women in service, and to raise funds for campaign improvements,” said Campbell. “Together, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our at-promise children.”

Black Mountain Home
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