Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

In the CAP at Black Mountain Home, students prepare to enter the workforce through hands on training in the retreat center kitchen at our West Campus. Here, students receive instruction and gain experience in baking and catering under the leadership of our culinary arts instructor.  Students work through a skills validation checklist and have opportunities to earn additional certifications such as Kitchen Cook through American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute and ServSafe.

In addition to learning technical skills, our students are getting on the job opportunities to practice soft skills such as professional etiquette, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and communication.  These skills are a critical part of the Apprenticeship Program as they are foundational to success in the workplace!

Catering and Group Food Services

Let our Culinary Arts Program do the work for you when you book your next event or retreat at West Campus. We can provide food service for a week of camp, put together a beautiful spread for your wedding reception, or just about anything in between! Not only can you check food off your list, but you can feel good that your delicious meal provides training opportunities for our students.

Food and Catering Costs

All individuals, organizations, and other groups that request catering and/or other food services from the Culinary Arts Program at West Campus will be charged for said services at the agreed upon contract rate. When appropriate, taxes will added.


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