The BMH Apprenticeship Program offers a beacon of hope for older youth who may not be interested in or prepared for success in a traditional post-secondary/college environment. By creating educational and employment opportunities, we are helping youth who have experienced neglect, abuse, and other traumas avoid becoming dependent on governmental assistance, homeless, or even incarcerated.

Our apprenticeship program is designed to help youth develop the soft skills and job skills needed for a successful adulthood. Each track is tailored to encourage the potential in each of our youth, providing them with the tools and opportunities to thrive as adults.

Culinary Arts: This track provides hands-on training in the culinary field, empowering students with the skills needed to excel in the kitchen and beyond. Apprentices learn a wide range of skills, from basic cooking techniques to complex food preparation and presentation, setting the stage for career opportunities in restaurants, catering services, etc. Youth in this track help prepare food for our events, our Thirteen Pennies Cafe, camp/retreat center catering opportunities, and more.

Outdoor Leadership/Recreation: Aimed at nurturing a deep connection with nature, this track offers training in outdoor leadership and recreational management. Apprentices develop skills in wilderness navigation, safety protocols, event coordination, and team leadership. Graduates can look forward to careers as adventure guides, recreational facility managers, conservation workers, or in roles within eco-tourism companies, reflecting a commitment to promoting well-being through engagement with the natural world.

Hospitality/Housekeeping: This track equips apprentices with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality sector, focusing on customer service, housekeeping, and operations. Training covers aspects such as room preparation, operations, and guest relations, preparing students for roles in hotels, resorts, and conference centers. The emphasis on excellence in service and attention to detail ensures that graduates are highly valued in the hospitality industry.

Maintenance/Automotive: Offering practical experience in maintenance and automotive repair, this track prepares apprentices for a variety of technical roles. Students gain expertise in vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, alongside general upkeep skills. This hands-on approach readies graduates for careers in automotive service centers and maintenance departments, and provides them with the skills to maintain and repair a wide range of machinery and vehicles.

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