Elevate Motorsports

Nypum 2The Black Mountain Home Elevate Motorsports Program provides an opportunity for the staff at Black Mountain Home to build trust relationships with our youth while helping them reach personal and academic goals.  In addition to the excitement of the ride, program mentors guide and support youth through decision making, leadership, and overcoming challenging situations.

BMH serves a growing percentage of teenagers, who can be challenging to motivate. Our mini-bike riding lessons incentivize and motivate youth to make positive changes in their lives. Add in healthy peer relationships and positive adult role models and the Elevate Motorsports Program becomes a powerful tool for enhancing the lives of our youth. The Elevate Motorsports Program provides youth with the opportunity to experience success, learn responsibility, and become a responsible mini-bike rider.

Costs of the program include the dirt bikes, tools, insurance, helmets and other safety equipment. Since its inception, the Elevate Motorsports Program has proven to be highly effective at helping youth who have challenges with their behavior or academic performance. Participation in the program is a strong behavioral incentive as well as a tool for building strong and meaningful relationships between youth and staff mentors who lead the program.

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