Our recreation program includes on-campus activities for youth of all ages as well as participation in community programs.

IMG_1231Rodney’s Round Up

BMH expanded its ministry to include a farmyard and animal program in 2012. The farm started with two miniature donkeys and has grown to include goats, alpacas, chickens, ducks, a dog named Moses, and most recently a potbellied pig and a sheep.

The farmyard was added so that youth in care can interact with the animals, feeding and grooming them, cleaning up after them, and doing chores such as gathering eggs. Studies of therapy animals demonstrate that they have a significant impact on abused and neglected children. Animals don’t judge or manipulate and are accepting of everyone. They provide safe, non-threatening touch and offer a safe channel for children to communicate feelings and experiences. Many of the children on campus look forward to Rodney’s Round-Up each Friday afternoon when they can help care for the animals.

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