Our recreation program includes on-campus activities for youth of all ages as well as participation in school and community programs. Weekly activities, day trips, overnight retreats, and summer vacations are designed to keep youth active and help them regain a sense of childhood, build trust, and learn teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. Activities include games, special interest clubs, sports, arts and crafts, and dirt bikes, as well as camping trips, fishing, rafting, and more.

Black Mountain Home Elevate Motorsports Program

Elevate Motorsports Program

Elevate consistently proves to be a powerful catalyst for positive change in the social, emotional, and psychological development of our youth. This adaptive program is designed to accommodate individual outcome expectations for each participating child. At its core, it offers children the chance to spend quality time with a supportive adult, engage in trail biking, and acquire vital outdoor skills. This unique opportunity not only enhances their self-esteem and self-discipline but also serves as a strong academic incentive.

Youth participants in the Elevate program are often so passionate about riding that they put in extra effort into their schoolwork, viewing it as a means to “earn” precious ride time. This intrinsic motivation creates a powerful link between academic success and their love for riding. Furthermore, the increased self-esteem and confidence nurtured by the program have a profoundly positive impact on their overall attitude toward various aspects of their life.

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