Animal Program & Farmyard – est. 2012

At the heart of our campus lies a sanctuary that brings joy and healing to our children through nature. Beyond the smiles and laughter from interacting with the animals, their unconditional love helps children build trust, empathy, and confidence.

A walk through the farmyard reveals how the animals connect with the children, nudging them gently or offering a warm embrace that helps them feel calm and safe. Whether it’s  curious Mr. Pickles, a playful alpaca, or a donkey, each animal creates a secure space where children can feel at ease.

Among the clucking hens and quacking ducks, children discover the joy of collecting eggs and feeding their feathered friends. The goats skip around with enthusiasm, teaching the kids how to enjoy life and laugh again. The donkey listens patiently and loves hugs, giving the children a connection to lean on.

This isn’t just a farm—it’s a sanctuary where  animals help children unlock feelings that have been buried deep down, so they can begin to face their pain and take steps toward healing. Feeding the ducks or brushing a goat’s coat is reminder that everyone deserves love and kindness.

Animal therapy can have a profound impact on children who have experienced trauma. Interacting with them significantly reduces anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation and assists with stress management, emotional regulation, and communication skills, helping children feel safer when expressing their emotions.

This is vital since many of the children entrusted to our care have experienced trauma and struggle to trust others. The unconditional acceptance they receive from our animals fosters trust and connection, helping in their journey to regain a sense of safety and begin to heal from their traumatic experiences.

Your support makes this sanctuary possible. Donations ensure the animals get food, medical care, and a safe place to continue their important work as friends and gentle healers. With your help, we can offer even more kids the chance to find hope through the soft nose of a donkey or the playful hum of an alpaca.

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