• WELCOME TO BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME – Begun in 1904 as Mountain Orphanage, the Home began its ministry taking in children whose parents had died or disappeared. Today, we serve youth from birth through college graduation and beyond through family foster care, residential care, transitional living, and independent living.




We are humbled and honored when families choose Black Mountain Home for Children as the suggested recipient of their loved one’s memorials.

To make a memorial gift, simply include the deceased person’s name and the name and address of the person you would like notified in the form below. We will let them know of your kindness.

Your support means the world to the AT-PROMISE children entrusted to our care.  From newborns who have been exposed to drugs before birth to older youth who need a home and family after the age of 18 – THANK YOU for helping our children experience FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE!


Honorariums and memorials can be made by using the form below. Thank you for supporting our kids.

Recent memorials include:

Coxen, Barbara A. Julius, York, PA (April 23, 2022), wife of the late Dwight R. Chamberlain and the late Jacob E. Coxen.

Crook, Jonathan Lynn, Asheville, NC (Jan. 22, 2022), son of Elsie Westberry Crook and the late Dr. Lynn Crook.

Davenport, Charles William, Gastonia, NC (Feb. 23, 2023), husband of Betty Davenport.

Dunlop, Charles Smith, Jr., Asheville, NC (Jan. 7, 2022), husband of Melody Esther Dunlop.

Foster, Carolyn Loretta, Candler, NC (Feb. 1, 2022), wife of the late Ray “Clifford” Foster. Clifford grew up at BMH.

Gaston, Norma Lance, Candler, NC (April 22, 2023), preceded in death by her husband, Buck “Sonny” Gaston.

Holman, Lynn, Black Mountain, NC and Charleston, SC (July 9, 2021), former BMH House Parent.

Huffman, Benny (Ben) Leonard, Valdese, NC (May 4, 2023), beloved friend of BMH; preceded in death by his wife, Selenah Pons Huffman and son, Benji Huffman.

Jarman, Ronald Mark, Mills River, NC (Jan. 19, 2022), son of Ron and Maxine Jarman.

Kirkpatrick-Karuba, Francine, Asheville, NC (October 23, 2022), a social worker who helped countless children throughout her career.

McKenzie, Dorothy “Dot” Wilson, Gastonia, NC (January 31, 2023), preceded in death by her husband, James “Jim” Hampton McKenzie, Sr. Dot’s son, Dan McKenzie, serves on the Black Mountain Home Board of Directors.

Owings, Carol Louise, Sylva, NC (Dec. 2, 2021), preceded in death by her husband, Herbert H. Owings.

Reece, Clyde Anderson Canton, NC (Dec. 25, 2021), husband of Betty Clontz Reece and former resident of Presbyterian Home for Children (now BMH).

Skillman, Fonnie Berlene Southerland, Black Mountain, NC and Charleston, SC (July 9, 2021), former BMH House Parent.

Teters, Martha Pate, Black Mountain, NC (March 6, 2022), wife of Joseph “Ed” Teters. 

Ward, Daniel Lyle, Asheville, NC (Dec. 10, 2022), wife of Joyce Ward.

Ward, Lula Osteen, Black Mountain, NC (Jan. 11, 2022), wife of the late Jack William “Banny” Ward.

Wilburn, John Stevens, Asheville, NC (May 25, 2022), wife of Rebecca “Becky” Wilburn. 


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