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The children who live at our home have faced difficult circumstances in their short lives. Many have lived in poverty and other dire conditions, without the comforts that most of us take for granted. Now safe in our care, we are committed to providing homes and beds that are as welcoming and comfortable.
Phase 2: This spring, donors made it possible for them to have new beds and mattresses. Now, we are raising funds for all of them to have new bedroom furniture.
You can help.  Children’s development is strongly tied to their environment. A comfortable bed ensures a good night’s rest. And a  nightstand and dresser are more than pieces of furniture; they are a place for personal belongings and a symbol dignity and permanence.  For our children, having a bedroom to be proud of helps give them a sense of normalcy – and helps them feel safe and loved. Your donation, regardless of amount, helps children have bedrooms that radiate warmth and welcome  – helping them feel valued and cherished.
Every child deserves a home that is filled with love, laughter, and the simple joys that make childhood special. Join us showing children that they are not forgotten, that their dreams and well-being matter to us all.
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Thank you, in advance, for giving children what most folks take for granted.

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