• WELCOME TO BLACK MOUNTAIN HOME – Begun in 1904 as Mountain Orphanage, the Home began its ministry taking in children whose parents had died or disappeared. Today, we serve youth from birth through college graduation and beyond through family foster care, residential care, transitional living, and independent living.

West Campus, formerly the Swannanoa 4-H campus, serves as a donation-based venue for retreats, campus, family reunions, weddings, and more. The jobs created through our West Campus venue provide training opportunities for youth in our Apprenticeship Program.  Our Apprenticeship Program includes four tracks, including:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality/Housekeeping
  • Maintenance/Automotive
  • Outdoor Leadership/Recreation

Students receive hands on training and in their chosen track and when ready complete internships in their field with a partnering local business. After completeing their internship, these businesses aim to offer full-time employment at a living wage to youth who have completed the program.

For more information contact our West Campus Coordinator at 828-­581-­0701 or by email at: [email protected]


  • Dining Hall with commercial kitchen surrounded by 100+ acres of trails to hike, bike, and explore
  • Recreation area: large field, campfire ring, sand volleyball, outdoor basketball, disc golf course
  • West Campus Catering/Food Services are available to individuals and groups using our West Campus facilities.

Click here for food services information and payments.


  • Mountain View Lodge: recommended for adult groups, ADA compliant, sleeps 22
  • Two Winterized Cabins: recommended for large groups, ADA compliant, available year-­round, sleep 24 each
  • Six Rustic Cabins: rustic cabins are great for warmer months and sleep 18 each
  • We also have beautiful fields for tent camping and lots of trees for hammocks


West Campus Event Venue and Retreat Center Donation Guidelines

Use of our West Campus event space and retreat center is 100% donation-based. To help you preplan your donation, a minimum donation amount for each of our buildings and facilities is suggested below. We are grateful to those who are able and wish to give more than the suggested amount because they help us provide services to those who cannot donate as much.  Regardless of the amount, your donation helps our ministry provide care to more than 160 children each year who have experienced abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Your gift is also essential to maintaining our facilities and continuing to open our beautiful West Campus for use by the community.

For your convenience and our tracking purposes, we request that deposits, donations, and payments for each event be made by one person or organization. You will receive a receipt for the full amount of your donation by mail after your event and/or stay.  Please note, that while we appreciate and count your full donation as a blessing to our ministry, the IRS only allows you to take a “charitable deduction” for the amount over and above the fair market value of the services received.

Suggested Donation (Fair Market Value) per Facility
$2,000/24 hours         Entire Property
$600/day                      Dining Hall (Day Event)
$300/half day              Dining Hall (8am-2pm or 3pm-9pm)
$400/night                   Mountain View Lodge
$150/day                      Conference Room
$130/side/night          ADA Cabins (2 cabins available)
$175/night                    All Season Cabin (2 cabins available)
$100/day                      Recreation Field

Add-ons to overnight reservations
$200/day                      Dining Hall (minimum 2 days)
$50/day                       Mountain View Lodge conference room
$100/day                      Hospitality Cabin (1 cabin available)

“Let each man give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which he has given you.” Deuteronomy 16:17

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